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Life of a Magic Academy Mage (Manhwa) (Recommended)

Life of a Magic Academy Mage

Alternative Titles: Surviving as a Mage in a Magic Academy

Plot Summary : [From the author and studio of <The Constellation That Returned From Hell>!]

Life as a magic academy mage. Graduate student Lee Han was born as the youngest son in another world’s famous family of mages. He swore he would never go to another place with the word “academy” in it. However, the magic academy known as Einrogard completely ignored what he had promised himself. Being self-sufficient is a must; monsters may appear, and the professors are all total nutjobs! This is the beginning of a pitiful academy life that you have never seen before.

“Will I be able to… graduate safely?”

Author: Writing Machine

Artist: APTX

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School Life

You can read this manhwa at

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