King of the Octagon

Alternative Titles: 옥타곤의 제왕

Plot Summary: The thrilling MMA conquest of a rookie genius fighter

Wheesung, who was a promising sportsman with a natural sense of

movement, quit exercising in high school due to an injury and lives a part-time life.

In the meantime, he is invited to the match of MMA amateur Junghwan …

He feels a strong thrill at the power of ‘Octagon’ that he encounters for the first time.

22-year-old Hwi-sung Lee, who was busy running away after giving up on everything.

The moment he climbs into the Octagon, a spectacular flight that no one expected begins.

Author(s): GOPUBI,Philip

Artist(s): GOPUBI

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Manhwa, Shounen, Sports

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