My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World

Alternative Titles: My Civil Servant Life As a Reincarnated Battle Race, My Civil Servant Life as a Reincarnated Battle Race, 戦闘種族に転生した俺の公務員生活記; 转生为战斗种族的我, 想过悠闲生活; 전투종족으로 환생한 나의 공무원 생활기

Plot Summary: He was on his way to buy some beer to celebrate his acceptance as a civil servant when he was suddenly banged down and isekai’d by truck-kun.

Reincarnated as Denburg Blade, the son of a legendary battle race chief, he caught demons at 8 years old and a dragon at 12 years old. Subjected to the spartan-style training of his muscular monster of a father, he lived an inhuman daily life.

“I must leave this place that is far from peaceful!”

Safety is the best! So he chose to be a civil servant of the empire!

Can Denburg really become a civil servant and live the peaceful and stable life he wished for?

Author: 일계

Artist: Redice Studio

Genres: Fantasy, Overpowered, Reincarnation, Shounen

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