Free download KMS Server Service, KMS helpers, and emulators. Part of the KMS Tools by Ratiborus.


Command Line Parameters

·       Port - KMS Port. Range from 1 to 65535

·       PWin - Windows PID

·       PO14 - Office 2010 PID

·       PO15 - Office 2013 PID

·       PO16 - Office 2016 PID

·       AI - Activation Interval. Range from 15 to 43200 minutes

·       RI - Renewal Interval. Range from 15 to 43200 minutes

·       KillProcessOnPort - Force opens the KMS Port if this is present.

·       Log - Log file Enabled.

·       IP - Show the IP address client's Computers.

·       Hwid - Machine Hardware Hash.


What's New

·       Support Windows Server 2022

Keywords: Windows Activator

Password = 123
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