Nowadays, funny jokes can play a critical role in our lives since every person has become so busy that people can hardly take some time out to just sit back, relax and enjoy. Long work hours and high pressure environment couppled with financial decisions and relational tensions is causing high stress levels. Jokes, therefore, can act as an excellent stress buster and ease out our lives. 

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    Rules to consider after joining your favourite funny whatsapp group

    Once you join any whatsapp group, make sure you follow the group rules and respect all members in the groups so that the group admin does not remove you. Rules that you must follow are mentioned below
    • Share legit jokes in the group
    • No vulgar or adult content allowed on these groups
    • Never abuse other group members
    • Try to avoid fighting with other group members. Groups are not the place for personal conflicts
    • No personal messaging the group members
    • No rumors and Fake News
    Overall, members are requested to respect the purpose of the group. The group should not be used to send personal, business related or other irrelevant messages. It is considered a good practice to react to content shared by others to maintain a healthy community.
    Now that we’ve understood steps to join whatsapp group links and discussed the rules that needs to be followed in these groups, we can move on to the good stuff.
    Several jokes categories such as kanpuriya comedy, chutkule, or dirty jokes are very popular amongst most people. If you are interested in sending and receiving such funny jokes or check out other categories such as funny anniversary quotes, funny valentines day quotes, or you like to watch funny videos on whatsapp, then you should take a look at the whatsapp group links listed below. From jokes in hindi for whatsapp, whatsapp status jokes, to whatsapp chutkule, the list comprises of everything you will be set out to look for. By joining one of these, you will get awesome whatsapp memes every day and can even find a good community of like-minded individuals. So let’s take a look at the list of links which you can use to make jokes,
    Desi Memes, Jokes, Status   Join Now
    Mazedaar Masti Memes 2 🤣⚡   Join Now
    Mazedaar Masti Memes😆🤣⚡   Join Now
    😆🤣Memes, Jokes, Masti🤣⚡   Join Now
    Movies Masti celebs🎥⚡🎞🍿 💿   Join Now
    Desi Memes, Jokes Status   Join Now
    Super Jokes Memes Fun🤣🤣⚡   Join Now
    Masti Memes😆 Zabardast⚡🤣🤣   Join Now
    Malayalam fun poetry   Join Now
    Funny videos   Join Now
    😜So funny😉🐱😂😂:   Join Now
    Funny world   Join Now
    girl and boys full masti   Join Now
    Math is Fun✌:    Join Now
    😜😜😜😜Funny jokes 😜:   Join Now
    No ads only funny   Join Now
    Masti Funny Videos   Join Now
    Jokes Group   Join Now
    Just Poetry - Funny Msg😂   Join Now
    👬Funny😋😂😂😂😂😜😜:   Join Now
    😎Jokes ke deewane :    Join Now
    😎Fun Time😎:    Join Now
    Funny Groups   Join Now
    Full Masti   Join Now
    Service mr br fun    Join Now
    Great Grand Masti   Join Now
    Funny alla song😜😜😜😜:    Join Now
    😜Funny Videos & Jokes:   Join Now
    For latest Jokes and videos –    Join Now
    Masti Time   Join Now
    International Group Fun   Join Now
    Funny words   Join Now
    The King of Memes   Join Now
    😎full fun time💡🤣🤣🤣:    Join Now
    WhatsApp Groups for Fun   Join Now
    Online jokes   Join Now
    Masti Hit   Join Now
    Jokes   Join Now
    Funny and masti jokes   Join Now
    👬Funny video:   Join Now
    Funny India   Join Now
    Funny Videos    Join Now
    dokan me fun   Join Now
    Only funny allow   Join Now
    FUNNY GROUP   Join Now
    Fun ka mama   Join Now
    Funny group   Join Now
    FUNNY IMAGES   Join Now
    Funny   Join Now
    😎Best Funny videos & gift:    Join Now
    Best Fun Ever😍🏴‍☠😎😋😅   Join Now
    😜Funny:   Join Now
    Funny fail video   Join Now
    Fun Indian Whatsapp Group   Join Now
    Fun   Join Now
    Fun Fan Fantastic   Join Now
    😎💅🏻💃Is FUN 💦👩🏼‍🏫:    Join Now
    WhatsApp Funny Group Number   Join Now
    Funny Gif:    Join Now
    😜Funny memes😂😂😂😂:   Join Now
    Masti Jade   Join Now
    Funny Video WhatsApp invaite   Join Now
    Fun and funny   Join Now
    Funny park   Join Now
    EVERY FUN HERE   Join Now
    😜Jokes MoNsTer😎:   Join Now
    Only Funny Video   Join Now
    Actress/actor pic/funny v:    Join Now
    Funny joke   Join Now
    Fun International Group   Join Now
    😎KBFC Sticker Group- Qatar:    Join Now
    Hindi Shayari & Jokes   Join Now
    Philippines funny WhatsApp group link   Join Now
    Fresh funny video and photo   Join Now
    Funny Prank   Join Now
    mere girlfriend fun   👿    Join Now
    maal ki fun    Join Now
    Funny video for Pakistan   Join Now
    😎Fun Group:    Join Now
    😎full masti🤙:    Join Now
    Just 4 Fun   Join Now
    Cool jokes   Join Now
    Fun Group   Join Now
    Funny whatsapp   Join Now
    👫Group media funny vibes🇹🇿:    Join Now
    Whatsapp Masti Group   Join Now
    fun ka house   Join Now
    Just for Fun Poetry   Join Now
    Only For Fun   Join Now
    😎Only funny clip:    Join Now
    Full Masti Time   Join Now
    Pro video masti video   Join Now
    Funny Group   Join Now
    Funny...   Join Now
    Just For Fun   Join Now
    😉Fun😇 Unlimited   Join Now
    group and funny member   Join Now
    Have fun   Join Now
    Funny fan club   Join Now
    Jokes fan   Join Now
    Only Funny Jokes and Video WhatsApp Group   Join Now
    👫Funny video:    Join Now
    Fun zone   Join Now
    Jokes collections   Join Now
    Fun and Masti   Join Now
    Funny videos n jokes group 🔞😋😍🤣   Join Now
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    netu ki fun    Join Now
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    Funny Prank   Join Now
    Fun mastic   Join Now
    Video & Jokes   Join Now
    Hot fun   Join Now
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    Funny Jokes   Join Now
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    🥇🌛ONLY FUNNY VIDEOS🌜🥇   Join Now
    Funny share   Join Now
    fun chat    Join Now
    Funny thing group link   Join Now
    Sad funny video   Join Now
    Luv u Masti   Join Now
    Philippines funny collection   Join Now
    Masti. Group   Join Now
    Masti Group   Join Now
    ONLY JOKES   Join Now
    😂Funny Group:    Join Now
    Funny stations   Join Now
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