Google Pay for Business is a simple and secure payment app by Google. If a merchant (“you,” “merchant,” or “referee”) has been invited by a customer to come aboard Google Pay using a referral link, just use the link shared by the customer to download the Google Pay for Business app. Once you are verified as a Google Pay for Business merchant, your customer referrer will earn a scratch card and you’ll earn ₹50!

Before you begin

Make sure to have the following information available for your business before you set up Google Pay for Business:

  • Bank account number
  • Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)
  • Business permanent account number (PAN)
  • Physical PAN card, or a digital photo of your PAN card
  • (Optional) Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN)

A GSTIN is only required if your business’ annual revenue is greater than ₹20 lakh.

How to earn your referral bonus

  1. Download the Google Pay for Business app
  2. Set up your business to accept payments. 
  3.  Once set up is complete and you can accept customer payments through Google Pay, you will receive a locked scratch card. 
  4. Verify your business: In order to unlock the scratch card to receive the ₹50 reward, you must become a verified Google Pay for Business merchant by following the process below: 
    • Tapping on My Store in the Google Pay for Business App and proceeding to the “Verify your business” option; and
    • Following the in-app instructions to be verified as Google Pay for Business merchant.
    • Merchants verified by outreach street team members (“outreach team”) will be disqualified. Only merchant initiated verifications per in-app instructions, and without accompanying outreach team verification, will qualify.
    • Verification must be initiated and completed within 30 days after you have set up your business in the Google Pay for Business app. 
  5. You can earn a maximum of one reward during the offer period. 

How to set up your business

To set up your business with the Google Pay for Business app, follow these steps:

  • On your Android device, open the Google Pay for Business app. If you don’t have the app, search the Google Play Store for “Google Pay for Business” and download the app.
  • Select the Google Account you want to use for Google Pay for Business.
  • Tap Continue as. You’re taken to the Create your business screen.
    • If your business does not have an existing Google My Business (GMB) listing, tap Create a new business.
    • If your business has an existing GMB listing, select the GMB listing for the business you wish to import.
  • Enter your business details.
  • Enter your registered business name. This is the name used to register your business with the Registrar of Companies. For example, “A-B-C Company Private Limited.”
  • Enter your display or shop name. This is the name your customers see when they make transactions with you. For example, “ABC Coffee Store.”
  • Enter your business type. For example, “Private limited” or “Sole proprietor.”
  • Enter your business’ merchant category code (MCC). Choose the business category that best represents your business.
  • Enter the business owner’s name. You can also add the name of a partner or director instead.
  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your business’ location information. On this page, provide the following information:
  • Shop number or street address
  • Area, locality, or village
  • City
  • State
  • PIN code

After you enter your location information, a map appears via Google Maps with a pin indicating your business’ location. If the pin’s location is inaccurate, tap the map to adjust the pin’s location.

  • Tap Next.
  • Verify your mobile phone number.
  • Enter your phone number. The mobile number you enter will become your business’ default contact number and will receive transaction notifications.
  • Tap Next. A one-time password (OTP) is sent to the mobile number you entered.
  • Enter the OTP.

If you don’t receive a one-time password, tap Resend OTP. If you still don’t receive an OTP, double-check the phone number you entered.

  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your business registration details. Provide the following information:
  • Business PAN
  • A photo of your PAN card
  • An estimate of your annual business revenue (above or below ₹20 lakh)

If your annual revenue is greater than ₹20 lakh, enter your GSTIN.

  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your bank account and IFSC numbers. The bank account you enter here will receive your Google Pay for Business payments.

The name on your bank account should match the name on your PAN.

  • Tap Next.
  • Review your business details
    • If your business details are incorrect, update the information. To edit a specific section, tap Edit  .
    • If your business details are correct, tap Set up my business.

After you set up your business, you’re ready to accept payments from customers through Google Pay.