MeWe Group Rules:

1. Stay on topic

When creating a new post, make sure it is related to Group.

2. Keep this a friendly place

Respect everyone, keep in mind that different people will have different opinions, so respect theirs and they’ll respect yours.

3. Be Respectful

Don’t troll or curse others, so avoid being rude and swearing or hating anyone, If something goes wrong inform an Admins or Owner.

4. Keep Posts Appropriate

No gore or rude pictures, keep cosplay sensible no over revealing images.

5. Avoid Spam

Don’t share other communities here without Owner-Admins permission. Do not ask for followers they are earned not asked for.

6. Don’t be Offensive

Do not insult anyone in serious circumstances; race, gender, religion, age, etc.

Invite your friends and stay active; so post regularly and make this community a bigger and better place for fans to chat.

Groups/Communities Links are categorized as per data available on particular websites. Groups/Communities Name, Purpose, Rules, etc. can be differs from below mentioned data.

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